• Working with Ms Coester was very beneficial for me, and above all thorough. I have obtained exactly what I needed at this particular moment. Ms Coester applied a surprising approach which was tailored to my specific needs.
    The process was exciting, hard, sometimes amusing, but always targeted. I was tested without being pressured. I do many things differently today – I genuinely see through myself. 
    If you are in something and do not find any way forward or are simply blocked, this method of coaching is just the right thing.
    C.Z. Project Manager, Zurich

    The coaching programme with Patricia Coester has greatly helped my colleagues in the company’s operative management to regain distance from day-to-day business and to raise questions about themselves, their working manner, and personal conduct towards clients and staff members. Due to her knowledge, experience and empathy, Patricia Coester was a great help in this process, and thanks to tested methods and tools quickly achieved impressive results. 
    Albert Leiser, Operating Manager, Union of Residential Property Owners, Zurich

  • Looking back, I can only see the whole process in a positive light. It does require the willingness of all involved to honestly handle possibilities and limits. We see this as having been successful –  I can count on an innovative nursing management, which looks critically at itself and its duties, and recognises substantially more possibilities to act than before the coaching programme with Patricia Coester. [ read on... ]
    Silvia Rosery, Head of Nursing, Cantonal Hospital Uri

    Symbolon treats us generously and tolerantly. It encourages us to deal with our rough edges and darker sides that we all have, and not to forget to have a good laugh at ourselves now and again.  
    Symbolon is not a “one off”, nor a definition of where we stand. It wants to be further used and taken forward.  Even now, months later, I continue to find stimuli which in their now matured form can be “plucked” by me and playfully put into practice. 
    I would like to thank Patricia once again very much for introducing me via a secure, personal environment with much human warmth, professionalism, and expert understanding into the inspiring and vibrant Symbolon world. [ read on... ]
    S.B., January 2013

  • "The coaching opened my eyes in convincing manner to the steps required to get my life back under control. I would not have considered that possible."

    C.S., Senior Partner

    "I decided myself to be coached after taking on a new position. The reason was a feeling after several months of having barely any confidence in my competences and feeling uncomfortable in my new job. Professional success and satisfaction are not only a question of professional knowledge. Presence and communication also make a difference. Ms Coester has sharpened my consciousness and offered me valuable food for thought, and also offered practical guidance. She has assisted me in enabling me to see things through the eyes of the other person at work. Considering one’s own behaviour, values and characteristics has brought me further. Today I have other duties with another employer. The insights from the coaching still help me.”

    F. Lawyer

  • "I would hereby like to offer my thanks for the successful coaching. The motivation training as per the ZRM method is very effective and provides me with useful and applicable points of reference in private and professional day-to-day life. I am happy to recommend you and your company.”

    J.H. owner of an SME

    "As a competent and warm-hearted partner, Patricia Coester offered me a trusting and protected environment, in which I could regenerate and rediscover my own resources. This special acquaintanceship has encouraged me to develop and put visions into practice. The simplest way to honour a person is to listen. Thank you Patricia!"


  • "Thanks to P. Coester’s assistance, I am on the way to my vocation. The exchange with her was characterised by trust and high competence, which opened a lot of valuable material about myself. Many thanks again for your excellent work. You have motivated, developed me, and above all there was a lot of enjoyment.”

    "Setting goals in life needs more than the opinions of family and friends. The coaching with PC has been a great help!"

    P. B. Partner investment firm

    "Coaching with Patricia Coester: simply great, super, as easy as can be and extremely successful!"


  • “As I wanted to invest my holiday in my further development, I decided to undertake the five-day intensive coaching programme with P. Coester. I met her for two to three hours per day, always at a different location, be it outside in the fresh air or in a painting atelier. The discussions and walks in the natural environment, along with the use of creative elements, was an energising experience full of variation. The good aspect was that I was able to work over my subject without being distracted by my professional field. P.C. guided me competently, sensitively, creatively and playfully through my process. I can fully recommend this intensive coaching and can imagine repeating it.”

    "After a deep crisis, I decided to improve my resource management via coaching. The ZRM method as transmitted by Patricia Coester assisted me in determining my behavioural aims for the current situation, in order to target and handle problem areas, and improve on them. I would not have expected that I would have found so much energy, tranquillity, self-confidence and centeredness. The sessions with Ms Coester were always professional, revealing, and fully tailored to my requirements. I can recommend a ZRM coaching programme to anyone who wishes to release inner resources in an individual and enjoyable manner."

    S.B., senior staff member, large insurance company
  • "In an important phase of my life, the coaching opened new perspectives. I have found (Patricia Coester) to be a competent and attentive personality. I would like to hereby offer my heartfelt thanks for the support.”

    "I never thought I would arrive at a point in my life where I could neither go forwards nor backwards. The decision to obtain support was simultaneously a “yes” to my life. To finally live my life. Many thanks indeed for the valuable support."

K.J. Manager in a large insurance company

    "Self-management via ZRM means putting my wishes into practice. Thank you!”

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